SCFCan’s Technology

Supercritical fluids (SCFs) are known to be energy efficient extraction solvents leading to low operating costs and correspondingly low GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions.  SCFCan’s fully continuous supercritical fluid extraction system, a game changing advancement, for the extraction of compounds from solid matrices drops capital costs.  … more

SCFCan’s Applications

Hazardous wastes often contain valuable components.  These components should be recovered for reuse rather than thrown away or destroyed.  The refined oil in waste generated by rotary drilling operations is one such example.  Recovery and reuse of this oil reduces the overall cost of drilling while reducing the overall environmental impact from drilling operations. … more

SCFCan’s Team

SCFCan's team has been conducting Supercritical Fluid Research and Development for up to 25 years.  Most recently designing, building and testing a pilot-scale system for treating wastes.  SCFCan has been formed to take this technology to commercial application.  The commercial system design, construction and commissioning is in progress. … more