Our Vision

Recovery of valuable compounds using supercritical fluids

Our Mission

The world’s resources are too precious and too limited to use only once before being thrown away.  Doing so is simply an unsustainable practice in both economic and environmental terms. SCFCan strives to move towards a more circular economy.

Our History



SCFCan incorporated as a Canadian company.


Pilot-Scale Continuous System

Pilot-scale research and development initiated by Christianne Street and Maedeh Roodpeyma at the University of Alberta.


Lab-Scale Continuous System

Melissa Fortin’s Masters research at the University of Guelph is the first to demonstrate continuous treatment of organic contamination in soils using supercritical fluids.


University of Alberta Research Initiation

Selma Guigard initiates supercritical fluid research at the University of Alberta including initial work on drilling waste treatment.



Warren Stiver starts supercritical fluid research program at the University of Guelph.  His research focused on the extraction of organic contaminants from solids,   measuring thermodynamic and mass transfer behaviour in addition to equipment design and development.