SCFCan’s vision is to shift a waste to a resource, provide an economic win for all parties and drive significant lifecycle reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

SCFCan is on a path to become a business success story: processing tonnes of feedstock, recovering valuable compounds, creating employment while generating profits for its shareholders.

Would this success story add value for the world’s progress towards sustainability? How could we tell? How could we make decisions on that growth path that will ensure that we are both a business success as well as a global sustainability success?

The UNs’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a call to action.  Can we build towards a more sustainable world by tackling climate change, ending poverty and hunger, advancing peace and more? Does SCFCan‘s vision contribute to the 17 SDGs? If so, in what ways and how can we do better?

SCFCan’s initial analysis found that ten SDGs are more linearly connected to SCFCan’s technology (and Supercritical Fluid processes in general). Three (SDG 11, 12 and 13) of these ten resonated deeply with SCFCan’s vision and warranted focussed attention as we progress.

The next 7 SDGs are a work in progress for SCFCan. They are expected to be application dependent.

Some other SDGs are technology independent but can be positively impacted by appropriate development of SCFCan’s corporate culture. An examples of this type is Gender Equality (SDG 5).