Hazardous wastes often contain valuable components.  Recovering these components provides a double win — effective waste treatment and the resale of the valuable components.  Supercritical fluids are effective solvents for a wide range of organic compounds (and even metals with the aid of a chelate).  Commercially viable SCF applications depends on the right combination of component concentration in the waste, solvency in the SCF, tailored conditions and the economic value of the components.   

Drilling Waste Treatment:  

SCFCan’s first commercial application is to be an Onshore, Regional Drilling Waste Treatment process.  This facility will grow to treat 90,000 tonnes of waste annually while recovering 100,000 bbl of refined oil.   … more

Future Applications:

  • Mobile Treatment Systems suitable for Offshore Drilling Waste Treatment, Contaminated Site Cleanup and Spill Response
  • Other oil contaminated wastes from the oil and gas sector
  • Wastes generated by other sectors