Christianne Street, Vice President

CS head shot

SCFCan Co-founder and leader for project management and operations.

Christianne is a PhD candidate in Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta.  Under the supervision of Warren Stiver and Selma Guigard, she is currently completing her degree on the development and performance of a fully continuous supercritical fluid extraction system, focussed on the removal of oil from drill cuttings. Overall, she has 12 years of experience working with supercritical fluids, including her M.Sc. (Extraction of Hydrocarbons from Drilling Waste Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide), also completed at the University of Alberta.

Through the Co-operative Education in Engineering Program, Christianne has over a year of oilfield-based work experience including abandoned well remediation, brine water spill reclamation, cathodic protection, and oil well production optimization throughout Alberta and Manitoba for Chevron Canada Resources and Marathon Oil. Additionally, Christianne spent 3 years with EPCOR Water Services as a capital project manager in Water Plants Engineering, which included research for technology development to treat oilsands produced water.

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