Supercritical fluids (SCFs) are known to be energy efficient extraction solvents leading to low operating costs and correspondingly low GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions.  SCFCan’s fully continuous supercritical fluid extraction system, a game changing advancement, for the extraction of compounds from solid matrices drops capital costs.

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Supercritical Fluid Advantage:

A supercritical fluid extracts compounds of interest from a feed stream in a high pressure extraction vessel.  At high pressures, SCFs have liquid like densities and solubilities.  This keeps the quantity of SCF required low.  SCFs also have diffusivities that are more gas like leading to rapid extractions.  This keeps the size of the extractor low.  

The SCF leaves the extractor with the product and heads to a separator.  This is where SCFs major advantage lies — the product is easily recovered from the SCF by a simple depressurization.  The SCF can then be easily returned to the extraction vessel and the product is ready for sale / reuse.  The product / solvent separation from a conventional liquid extraction process is not nearly so simple or effective, is typically energy intensive and costly.

Supercritical fluids (SCFs) are compounds at a temperature and pressure beyond their critical point. … more

SCFCan’s Advantage:

SCFCan’s fully continuous process is a game changer.  It drammatically reduces the capital and labour cost associated with SCF processing large quantities of solid materials.  It has been proven at bench and pilot scales over many years of R&D at the University of Guelph and the University of Alberta.