SCFCan’s Technology

SCFCan's unique technology, a fully continuous supercritical fluid extraction system, is a game changing advancement for the extraction of compounds from solid matrices.

Technology Overview

SCFCan‘s core technology uses Supercritical Carbon Dioxide to remove valuable material from hazardous waste.  Supercritical Fluid recovery of valuable compounds  has proven to be commercially viable with coffee decaffeination being the most notable practice.  The economics of processing hazardous waste is typically more challenging than processing coffee.  Volumes tend to be much larger, the value of the contaminant tends to be less than caffeine and often the concentration of the valuable compounds is lower. 

SCFCan‘s distinct advancement is the ability to process the waste in a fully continuous manner (as opposed to batch operation which is common for low volume and high value processes like coffee).  Fully continuous operation dramatically decreases overall processing costs and opens the door for the Supercritical Fluid recovery of valuable materials from hazardous waste and similar solid-containing matrices.

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